On vulnerability and coolness in the internet age

1. Vulnerability in the internet age is fundamentally a paradox.

1.1. By connotation, “vulnerability” is a state one seeks to avoid; yet vulnerability on the internet is nouveau cool, thus becoming a desired state of being.

2. This is accomplished by tying markers of “cool” to upheavals of emotion.

2.1. e.g., when I tweet about sobbing to Joanna Newsom, I attach a tastemaker-approved signifier to the otherwise vulnerable act.

2.2. c.f. Drake, who combines emotional transparency with status symbols.

2.21. Thus denying the fullness of emotional transparency, as it’s become opaque by giving it a gloss of desirability.

Thoughts About the Thoughts

Brock: vulnerability begets relatability, and #relatable is one of the pillars of the Conjoined Triangles of the Internet (the other is #content).

Benny: The internet (we don’t need to capitalize it anymore Brock) prompted this modern vulnerability in pop culture because it became such a breeding ground for mocking fake tough guys. It almost seems impossible for someone like, say, DMX to come up now and have the same type of impact he had in the early aughts. Perhaps that is where we will be going next though, in response to the #sosadtoday trends of the 2010s (is there a snappy name for this decade yet?).

Brock, re: Ben re: Me re: Brian: oh, I know. The capitalization reflects the title of the Triangles. 

what do you think?

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