2016 NBA Draft Gif Grades

  1. Ben Simmons – Philadelphia 76ers                                    feltyawn
  2. Brandom Ingram – Los Angeles Lakers                                                       larry-david-yawn
  3. Jaylen Brown – Boston Celtics                                                                   gif-confused-head-spin-steve-martin-wtf-gif
  4. Dragan Bender – Phoenix Suns                                                                           tom-cruise-sunglasses
  5. Kris Dunn – Minnesota Timberwolves                                                giphy
  6. Buddy Hield – New Orleans Pelicans                                                  phillies-mets-frandsen-walkoff-2013
  7. Jamal Murray – Denver Nuggets                                                               mourinho-fist-pumps1
  8. Marqueese Chriss – Phoenix Suns (via Sacramento)             3d772c5a2cca3ded22726a085f411f30b7c320b098fde41daef0f2ef3add7226_large
  9. Jakob Poetl – Toronto Raptors                                               applause-clapping-golf-clap-good-job-meh-old-whatever-clap-gif
  10. Thon Maker – Milwaukee Bucks                                                   patterson
  11. Domantas Sabonis – Oklahoma City Thunder (via Orlando)     06_newtsleeps
  12. Taureen Prince – Atlanta Hawks (via Utah)                         post-21703-tim-duncan-deal-with-it-gif-gbjx
  13. Georgios Papagiannis – Sacramento Kings (via Phoenix)               5tcjged
  14. Denzel Valentine – Chicago Bulls                                                                              giphy1

And that concludes the lottery picks, and thus, my gif grades.

Thoughts About the Thoughts:

Brian: excitement over the phrase “hot sculpting class” becoming a euphemism for veiled unhappiness.gif

what do you think?

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