Millennials in the Age of Trump: Call for Submissions

At 11 o’clock in the morning on Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as the forty-fifth President of the United States. Though the crowds of supporters were sparse compared to forty-four, a smaller but considerable number of protesters rallied both peacefully and violently in Washington, D.C., and an amount rivaling that of the inaugural ceremonies is expected today for the Women’s March on Washington. Though those interviewed for two of the linked articles included a millennial Trump supporter and a baby boomer joining the protests, the majority of each voter in those demographics voted for the other candidate. Nonetheless, it is the millennial generation who will be feeling the greatest effects of a Trump presidency, whether they be skewing older and entering their prime earning years or skewing younger and looking to earn at all. Though the 2012 election was the first in which the majority of millennials could have cast ballots, it is the past year’s contest that will begin the era to define the generation. As such, some millennials is beginning a multimedia series that will examine the millennial experience during this time, and how its major events shape our futures.

What we are looking for: creative, insightful analyses of the millennial experience in any medium – if it cuts to the heart of the generation’s very existence, it can be as short as a poem or a photograph or as extensive as an academic paper or short film. Twitter has made every millennial a writer, Instagram a photographer, and Facebook a pundit. In short, we are all creatives whether we know it or not. This is a chance to imbue that creativity with meaning, to take risks for the sake of art, to understand your singular existence by identifying it with the world around you. These next four years will present myriad challenges for millennials, some directly related to governmental policy while others stem simply from growing up. Either way, there will be countless stories to be told, and some millennials would love to share yours.

Like our new president, this series will take the weekend off before kicking into high gear on Monday, January 23. One of the first posts will be from an attendee of today’s Women’s March on Washington, detailing her experiences there. If you have any ideas for a piece (or multiple!) and would like to submit either a draft or a rough outline, contact us at I promise we will get back to you quickly. Millennials’ lack of punctuality only exists in some of us.

We look forward to engaging with you throughout this series and seeing your ideas for pieces.

some millennials

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